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Do you know that your products' tech support line will be there for you when you need it?  Or how about the warm, fuzzy feeling as you dial your way through 4 phone menus just to be placed on hold?  You'll have none of that here, no cookie-cutter IT support plans or call centers full of strangers.  Every single service is provided by a certified tech that you can trust, and you get VIP status whatever your needs.


Tech-Ease can be your one-stop-shop for all tech support needs.  From broken cell phone screens to clicking hard drives, from speed boosts to an old computer to setting up your brand new TV, and from setting up your home internet connection to repairing your business network, just contact me today.  You just point me toward the problem and sit back as I go to work, no need to try to coordinate a different company for every job.

Verifiable Skills

I hold a CompTIA A+ and Network+ certification, and I am always finding ways to expand and practice my skills.  I have already set my sights on future certifications, such as CompTIA's Security+ and Pentest+, as well as certifications in cloud computing, machine learning, and various programming languages.  I have the credentials and experience to handle your systems, and this means you can trust me to deliver optimal results from a wide range of options.  Can other repair shops say the same?  Verify my skills on LinkedIn


I've been doing this work professionally for over five years now (and I've been tinkering and learning far longer than that!), and I get it.  You don't want the hassle of managing your technology, you want to spend your time doing what you do best.  Let me help to empower you by connecting you with faster hardware, the right software, automation, and cloud-synced apps to keep you where you need to be, with access to the information you need, when you need it.

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