Phone and Tablet Repair

We love our mobile devices.  Unfortunately, having them at our sides everywhere we go subjects them to all of the bumps, drops, and breaks that go along with our daily activities.  Do you have a plan in place for when your device can't handle the pressure?

Give Tech-Ease a call, and let me get you re-connected.  I have experience working with a wide range of phones, tablets, phablets, netbooks, and all of the peripherals and accessories that go along with them.  Examples of services include:

  • Screen replacement

  • Battery replacement

  • Headphone jack repair or replacement

  • Charging port repair or replacement

  • Camera replacement

  • Back glass replacement

  • Software troubleshooting

  • Data recovery*

  • and more...

Contact me on Facebook, use the "Contact Me" form below, or send me an email (since you can't call if your phone is broken...) and I will get you fixed up as soon as possible!

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