It is said that there are two kinds of users:  those who back up properly, and those who have never lost valuable data.  Do you have a plan in place if your hard drive fails?  Don't wait until it is too late...

With some proactive data management, we can secure your valuable information and protect it from the worst-case-scenario.  Whether that means family photos, academic research, business information, or any other priceless info, let's make sure your data is safely stored and backups are created BEFORE disaster strikes.

Some backup options include: 

  • Cloud-based solutions (Google Drive, OneDrive, iDrive, etc.)

  • External Hard Drives (or multiple)

  • CD/DVD 

  • Flash/Thumb Drive 

  • Or any other convenient media

Don't forget - Tech-Ease can also help you transfer data from one computer to another.  Buying a new laptop or PC?  Wondering how to get all of the files you have stashed on various media throughout your house organized and into one place for easier management and backups?  Look no further, contact me today and I can help you get a handle on your data.

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